Иван Сусанин: легенда

The book “Ivan Susanin: legends and reality” written by N.A. Zontikov is dedicated to a Russian hero Ivan Susanin.

Ivan Susanin in Glinka’s

What do we really know about Susanin? Very little, almost nothing. Susanin is not actually a family name or a surname in its modern sense. In those times peasants could have only nick names and they were traditionally given after fathers’ names. However, the name Susanin obviously stems from a female name. It is very likely that his mother was called Susanna and that Ivan was brought up without a father.

Ivan Susanin had a heroic action. In 1613 Polish soldiers tried to kill future Tsar of Russia, who lived near of Kostroma in those times, but lost the road. They asked local man, Ivan Susanin, to show the road. But Susanin led them to the bogs, and later, Susanin was killed. Now we can see the second version of the monument that was built in 1967 by Lavinsky. The first monument was built in 1851 by Demut-Malinovsky and it pictured Mikhail Romanov and Ivan Susanin who makes a bow to the Tsar.

second version of the monument

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